The 54th Deadline: Getting Past Obstacles

One particular mentality I really want to adopt to the maximum degree is the notion of always looking for a solution. A way in. A means to get past a wall. A way to get over it. A way to break right through if necessary.

This notion is fundamental when you think about how many of us can let stupid problems stop us in our tracks. In plenty of cases, something blocking your way is only as bad as you let it.

Maybe you need to go around it. Maybe you need to go under. Over. Now I sound like Dr. Seuss. The point is, at least when it comes to moving forward, you just have to be proactive.

Something I am always thinking about is solutions. What will get me where I need to be. Where will it take me.

What can I do right here and now while I still have air in my lungs? The world can be a rough place, but we can always better our own respective situations if we are looking for the correct plan of attack out of our jam.

The Temptation of the Other Side

More than anything else, what drives me every day is just the thought that someday, just someday, I can and will make it!

That is what makes me eager to think about what is going wrong now that has to be corrected for me to get out of my rut. Once and for all!

For too long now, I have been just eyeing this wall in front of me, this mental one at that, and I have let it thwart my path for soooooo long that it is about time I finally make it to the other side.

This wall teases you with an inkling of what is past it, or is it all a ruse? Is it a trap? Regardless, the temptation is there. I need something to drive me toward it as my life depends on me reaching it.

So for those of you with your own wall in front of you, don’t give up.

There is always a way past it. You just have to figure it out. That’s the hard part.

“Progress is perseverance.” – Nhan Pham

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