The 54th Deadline: Visual

“Seeing the big picture may sometimes require a detailed outline for an idea.”

In three months, the plan for me is to really ramp up my life toward great things.

That’s the base plan, anyway.

Being bold and becoming bold are quite different in terms of reaching an ideal rather than working toward it. Very different. I can say all of the right things, but it doesn’t mean a hill of beans unless I start making the real forward progress I have been yearning.

We live in a world full of ideals, and I truly believe hopes and dreams should be the catalyst to encourage us to move in the appropriate direction. However, reality can be quite cruel, almost sadistically challenging at times, when it boils down to chasing after our respective goals.

After all, each individual faces their own sets of obstacles. No matter how technically daunting they are8f723a9a5885594f866874dbca3591b5.jpg, not everything is so cut and dry. It’s the journey that really matters when you strip away the layers of uncertainty. It’s the journey that dictates what appears in the end when everything is said and done.

For me, I am a visual person. It’s better when I can see what you are talking about it instead of trying to picture it in my head.

I like seeing stuff become tangible, confirming its very existence right before me. I hate it when things are so ambiguous, so mysterious for the mere sake of it, that I do attribute my darker years to be comprised of mixed emotions.

I have been caught too many times in that wonky state of thinking about ideals versus realizing them myself. And the fact is, and this is the harsh truth for some of us to stomach, thinking about how nice something could be is never the same. Instead of just imagining a fantasy, why not attempt to make your current life better? Why not just figure out what is wrong and then take steps to correct them?

I wish I could have come to this epiphany sooner. It would have saved me at least a few years in this recovery process. No joke. When you are down in the dumps, it’s hard to think straight, let alone stabilize your thoughts to determine the most logical course of action.

Regardless, that was then. This is now.

And for me to make my next few months into something I can be proud of, the time is ripe for some proactive attempts at “making it happen.”


Objectively, I can say I have a ways to go. This is normal. Most people don’t become their ultimate selves overnight. I am no exception, either.

The big picture I envision for myself is seeing me drastically ahead in all of my projects, to the point where I am so content with their progress that I would be willing to put my name on them and stand by my own products.

Quite frankly, I have been so weary of waiting in the shadows for so long, biding my time and basically just stalling until all of the right things fall in place. Like I said, I have been caught in that stupid state of just seeing what I want instead of just going after them. I am so guilty of this that it’s not even funny.

You get what you put into something, and I have all of the passion and ambition I could possibly want to utilize, but it is still not that easy. We all have limits. We are all humans with limits we must abide by, and perhaps I am just so frustrated with myself because of my own weakness.

If I could just push myself a bit further, if I could just somehow elevate my willpower by tenfold…

Oh my…

It would be so incredible. It would just be so wonderful if I could do that.

Again, thoughts versus reality.

I shouldn’t bank on the universe bestowing me with the power of infinite willpower. What I can do, however, is try a bit harder here and there.

This much is better than nothing. Little things add up.

For example, my “pseudo-diet” is starting to kick in with noticeable effects. Cutting back on sugar in the form of too much juice and soda pop has equated to feeling more energetic in general. Lots of water and tea in their place. A much healthier alternative.

I only try to drink a little bit of soda/other sugary drinks pretty much only on the weekend now, and perhaps for special occasions during the week.

Now, and this is an important part, if I can start incorporating this type of discipline to other facets of my life, I can be further along the way toward becoming the better me.

A tweak here. A tweak there. Every tweak gradually changes the whole picture.

In three months, I hope to be pleasantly surprised at what lies before me. I am a visual person, after all.

“Complete the process.” – Nhan Fiction

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