The 54th Deadline: Nurture

The 54th Deadline: Nurture

“When too caught up in life, one tends to neglect that which needs the most nurturing.”

I need to take better care of myself, and this is something I can’t continue to ignore that much longer. Part of the reason why my life is so scattered, so unorganized and just sloppy in so many facets… A lot of it stems from my neglectful and counterproductive habits.

There are simple things like me needing to clean up around my place. I make the note in my mind that it has to be done, but I put it off. Days pass, and then it’s a week and lo and behold… Heck, sometimes, something just gets put off for a month or more. It gets that sad, really.

I am supposed to be a grownup by now. Sometimes, to be frank, I don’t even think I have made it past young adult in terms of maturity. By all means, I have some responsibility to my name. I know how to make it to work on time due to an obsession with punctuality, but I wish I could apply this same kind of zeal toward everything else around me.

It feels like I really need a nagging voice in my life to keep me on my toes, to keep my honest and to keep me on top of what needs to be done. If I rely solely on myself, I tend to falter. Or so it seems.

I am just weary of myself being somewhat of a liar. OK, that would be going too far. Not a liar per se. If anything, it’s just someone who kind of flounders around too much instead of just knocking down one objective after the next.

I wouldn’t quite call it laziness. I wouldn’t quite call it a lack of motivation. There is plenty of motivation so to speak, but ┬ásomething else is not connecting everything together nicely. I have an inkling of what it is, but I guess I am just slightly embarrassed to write it out on this blog for the world to see.

I suspect it is partially responsible for some of my current frustrations and woes in life. In time, perhaps.

Basically, I just need to get my act together in many, many areas. From general cleanliness of my living space to working on making myself, just overall, a better person.


It all starts with yourself. You can’t expect someone else to do it for you, and this is something I really need to fix.

Head in the Clouds

I think a lot.

In fact, I am always thinking. I try to fathom all of the mysteries in my life, and what I should be doing to make sure everything comes out OK.

It’s just kind of like, well, lonely to have all of these thoughts and not the right kind of person(s) to share it with in a more…

Let’s just say more special way.

I want to think some of my thoughts are real gems, and I just want others to see them. I can’t keep holding onto these thoughts like they are forbidden to the public. My head is always in the clouds, but I need to channel more of my energy toward Earth.

It’s time I really make strides toward making a name for myself on this planet.

“Progress is perseverance.” – Nhan Fiction


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