The 54th Deadline: Habits


“Routine establishes structure, which eventually defines a person as a whole.”

Hi there. I hope things are well.

I am trying to establish more of a consistent routine when it comes to blogging. I don’t necessarily want to do the daily posting that I have done before a long time ago. That was very exhausting and difficult to dedicate the right amount of energy each day without defaulting to throwaway posts.

At the very least, I want to try to blog at least a few times a week if I can help it. Realistically, I think I can manage shooting for two or three posts as a weekly minimum. That should not be too farfetched or too unreasonable. I wouldn’t want to disappoint myself for setting up an achievable goal and not falling through with it, right?

I know firsthand how easy it is to break your own promises.

Even with this blog, there was a point where I once was very focused on writing out certain posts every day. And not all posts were golden in my book, but I tried and tried. However, I gradually started blogging less and less as opposed to frequent posting, but I was diligent enough not to abandon this blog entirely. Thank goodness.

But yeah, all I am saying is expect more posts. Whether that’s a good or bad thing, that’s up to you to decide.

Anyway, with that stuff out of the way, I guess I want to talk about this post’s main point, after all.


If you think of habits collectively forming a structure, how does your stack up?

Is the foundation sound? Are you put together well or are you destined to crumble?tamako_market-08-kanna-carpenter-bird_house-destruction-unhappy.jpg

Habits are something we all could adjust accordingly. For me, I know I have a ton of crappy habits.

I am not like super dirty, but I know I could be habitually a better cleaner around my place.

I am on the lazy side when it comes to working out and stuff. My body could use some more gym time. That’s for sure.

And the one that sticks out the most for me as of late… I have awful habits when it comes to my projects.

I start work on said projects, I hack away at them for a bit, I kind of put them aside and then come back to them (hopefully) at a later date. This is all too inefficient. What results is a lot of incomplete or slow-to-finish work. It saddens me.

If there could be one habit I would want to wish for from the universe to bless me with right at this very moment, it would definitely be the habit of concentration.

Yes, concentration.

If only I had habit-forming concentration at a moment’s notice. Whenever I want it. Poof. Suddenly, I am in the zone.

Chores would be done like that. No more thinking about doing them later. I could just get them over with all snappy-like.

If I could concentrate naturally, I would just go work out more consistently. I would just tell myself to go do it if the concentration could always be immediate, spontaneous and natural. It would help before the laziness changes my mind.

And of course, my projects would be further along by a lot.

I would just be so efficient and productive all of the time versus the clumsy and easily distracted person I am on a daily basis. And wishful thinking aside, I know it’s all on me. I lose concentration because my mind is constantly in overdrive, but its focus is scattered and divided among my own thoughts.

I want to do so much, but I accomplish a lot less because I lack the concentration to see through with what needs to be taken care of at a certain moment.

The main message here? I need better habits. And I need better habits fast.

Take writing as an example.animegirlwriting_pin34.jpg

At one point, I went out and bought regular paper with the intention of trying to write out a page a day with notes/whatever to develop a habit.

And writing it out with a regular pen actually made a difference, too! It just made the practice seem more… impactful instead of just typing aimlessly on a keyboard all of the time.

Still, it wouldn’t last.

I stuck to this writing exercise for like maybe a week, and then eventually I just stopped. The habit I was in the process of forming just came to a screeching halt just like that.

I just stopped writing.

I just kind of lost interest.

It’s a real shame because this kind of writing habit would have been so good for me. I should definitely try to pick it back up when I can become less weary of my own weaknesses. I need to scrounge up some willpower and energy to combat my sluggish attitude.

Sigh, habits are just so dang important! Good habits set you up for success, while bad ones of course hinder you with negative effects.

Old habits die hard. If that’s the case, shouldn’t new habits live softly? I don’t know. I was trying to be clever. Oh well. Practice is practice. Toward better habits!

I want great habits to define my character when everything is said and done. I want a better me to become the eventual result when the structure is put in place.

“Complete the process.” – Nhan Fiction


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