The 54th Deadline: Attitude Shift

The 54th Deadline: Attitude Shift

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The 54th Deadline: Life is a series of chances to achieve something by a given point. You might very well miss out on opportunities if you are not careful. However, I firmly believe that God gives us plenty of means to find our way, even if we mess up here and there. After all, life demands deadlines. Try and try again until your goals and dreams are realized. Strive to finish on a successful note with whatever you set out to do. Always.
I’ve been gradually changing my attitude about everything. I don’t see the world in the same light as I did even just a few years ago.

My parents brought me up with the notion that hard work pays off, and this is something I do hold dear to my heart. However, I never really factored in the COMPETITION in life that has become way too obvious and apparent. Sometimes, to get ahead, you really need to be BETTER than everyone else.

Your peers.

Your friends.

Your “rivals.”


It’s a concept that has stirred around in my mind for quite a while. Some people get to where they are because they just want “success” more than others.

Yes, it is indeed very cruel to think about, but it’s so darn true. There is no point in trying to sugarcoat it.

I need to become better in my own ways. If I want “success,” I need to become competent and strong enough to get past every obstacle and opponent in my way.

I’m grown weary of trying too hard to worry about what others will think about me as I move forward with my life. A majority of them have probably judged me as worthless anyway, but I’ll keep pushing myself to figure it all out. Either that, they don’t give two craps about me.

Regardless, it is what it is.

I’m not normal. I never have been like everyone else. I do things my own way. I think very differently. The world needs people like me in the sense that I can approach something in unorthodox, yet dynamic ways.

This is my new attitude shift. Love it or hate it. It’s how I intend to act like from here on out.

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