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Sudden Change … Again

I have experienced lots of sudden and abrupt changes that force me to adjust on the fly, especially in these past two years filled with awkwardness and moments of uncertainty plus despair all rolled into one strange package. Once again, I am compelled to rethink my plans for the future. Nonetheless, I find myself pleasantly content […]

Restaurant Menu Mastery Part 2

During my transition into a prep cook at the restaurant I work at for my a part-time job, I am taking my lumps to soak in all the new stuff. There are many small details I need to pick up, all kinds of minor things to recall and lots of practice needed before I can […]

Restaurant Menu Mastery

So at my part-time job in a Chinese restaurant, I am being transitioned away from the dish pit to focus more toward the food prepping and kitchen stuff. In particular, the main addition to this change will be working the ‘cold station’ of the restaurant’s very compact kitchen. I will be learning how to read […]

Getting Back on One’s Feet

It’s been a wobbly and clumsy endeavor to get back on my feet metaphorically, but life has been going well for me. I am feeling healthier and more productive than usual. I actually have some spending money to my name, albeit not as much as I would like. Nonetheless, perseverance pays off when you put forth the […]

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