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The 54th Deadline: Clear Skies in the Mind

This week for me has been pretty clear skies in the mind, which is bad when I want to catch lightning. I just feel so darn unproductive, borderline lazy because I cannot trigger any spark of imagination to utilize. It happens. If humans could be at their best 100 percent of the time, we all […]

Daily Distractions

I think a lot of people can be quite productive … when they want to be. In a world with so many things that can and will distract you, it is often not surprising when something catches your attention and then ends up eating up hours of your time before you know it. This weekend […]

Consistent Routine

It has been quite the process to get back into the swing of things with a consistent schedule every week, where things have to be prioritized as obligations. I have much less free time now, but it feels good to be productive and busy. However, I believe I need to sort my activities throughout the week […]

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