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Meaningful Proverbs No. 2

There is an extremely simple, but meaningful Japanese proverb. 猿も木から落ちる。 Saru mo ki kara ochiru. (Even monkeys fall from trees.) There is not much to analyze about this proverb. It just means that even the best people make mistakes from time to time. I realized a long time ago that worrying too much about making […]

Brotherhood Part 2

Tonight, I finally had a heart-to-heart chat with my little brother. Despite living in the same household for the past year and a half, I never really sat down to talk to him about things. In a way, we just became strangers to each other. As time went on and my personal problems got even […]


I am supposed to be a big brother to my two younger brothers, but there are times when I know I am not doing an adequate job. In fact, I haven’t been a good big brother for a really long time now. Sure, I could try to rationalize my lack of proper, big brother stuff to my […]

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