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The 54th Deadline: Sparks & More Sparks

Lately, I have been feeling “powerless” at my worst. It’s a strange thing to say when I realize a lot of real power is knowing you have both the capabilities and (more importantly) the willpower to make it happen. I am constantly counting my blessings. I have a lot of things to my name that […]

The 54th Deadline: Knowing the Answers

Throughout my time as a kid in school, I have always been a bad test-taker. When I studied and applied myself, I could usually end up with decent-and-up grades. It wasn’t a matter of intelligence. More than anything else, it was nerves. Over the years, I don’t think this trait has left me. As I […]

The 54th Deadline: Goals in Mind

Janis (Glow)

Art by Hans C. Chow A valuable, important lesson I have learned over the years is how crucial having goals are for the sake of productivity. Without goals in mind, you become directionless. Even if you are stumbling forward, you aren’t stumbling toward anything in particular. It takes a lot of honesty with yourself to […]

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