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Random Kanji Knowledge: Kizuna

Random Kanji Knowledge time! Today’s kanji is 絆, which is read as kizuna (key-zoo-na). 絆 means “bonds” (as in bonds that are emotional, relationship-driven and otherwise.) 絆 is a word you hear the Japanese say a lot. It’s important to talk about the “bonds” you have with others and what it means

Random Kanji Knowledge: Unmei

Random Kanji Knowledge time! Today’s kanji is 運命, which is read as unmei (oon-may). 運命 means fate/destiny. 運 can refer to stuff like “luck” or “motion,” as in movement. For instance, 運動 (undou) means exercise. 命 can represent things like destiny, life and decree, as in something has “ordered” for stuff to happen

Random Kanji Knowledge: Hontou

Random Kanji Knowledge time! Today’s kanji is 本当, which is read hontou (ho-n-toe). 本当 can mean truth/reality or (really). 本 is the kanji for book, as in the paperback thing you read at the library. 当 refers to “hitting,” as in you hit the wall out of frustration. So combined together, I

Random Kanji Knowledge: Haha

Random Kanji Knowledge time! First off, a happy 母の日 (Mother’s Day) to you all! 母, which can be pronounced “haha” and has different readings when combined with other things (such as お母さん okaasan), means mom of course. The kanji itself refers to a woman’s breasts (my sensei back in high school told us