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Random Kanji Knowledge: Kizuna

Random Kanji Knowledge time! Today’s kanji is 絆, which is read as kizuna (key-zoo-na). 絆 means “bonds” (as in bonds that are emotional, relationship-driven and otherwise.) 絆 is a word you hear the Japanese say a lot. It’s important to talk about the “bonds” you have with others and what it means to you. The stroke order […]

Card Me

I love card games. Card games can be extremely fun for me. I often use a lot of card analogies (e.g. not playing with a full deck) because I like how cards can represent the trials we go through in life. The combination of chance, carefully analyzing a scenario and then making moves based on your […]

Make an Entrance

If there is one thing I have learned from watching Japanese anime, TV shows or movies, it is that the Japanese culture really LOVES roll calls and transformation sequences (actually, I think Asian cultures in general love roll calls). There is something about taking turns and calling out your name while doing some kind of […]

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