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Balance in All Things

Simply put, I believe in balancing the universe. When something happens, whether good or bad, something needs to make sure things stay relatively leveled in the grand scheme of things. For instance, today at my part-time job, a juicer broke while I was using it (second one, actually, which makes me think that juicers and […]


Simply put, I have become someone who takes responsibility whenever I screw up, regardless of how small or big a given mistake is. It can sting a lot to feel great shame over such things, but I think that holding yourself accountable is the right thing to do.

Clashing Dragons Part 3

So we must have this duel again, father. Oh yeah, don’t forget about the last one, either. For long time, I thought you were moderately content with the progress I’ve made throughout this past year and a half, the personal struggles I had to endure, the days where you thought I was sitting around and […]

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