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Stat Cat

So I was given my 2011 blog stats, and I gotta say that the numbers are pretty good if you consider some key elements. These include: – I did not start blogging at the beginning of 2011. In fact, my first blogs began in May. – Truthfully, I was on the reluctant side when I […]

Clashing Dragons Part 3

So we must have this duel again, father. Oh yeah, don’t forget about the last one, either. For long time, I thought you were moderately content with the progress I’ve made throughout this past year and a half, the personal struggles I had to endure, the days where you thought I was sitting around and […]

Universal Storytelling

I watch a lot of random music videos in attempt to draw inspiration and to learn cinematography angles, which Japanese music videos in particular usually have excellent symbolism and beautiful camera shots in their videos. This music video is performed by 九州男 feat. HOME MADE 家族 (Kusuo featuring Home Made Kazoku). The song is called 『約束。。』 […]

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