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The 54th Deadline: Hear My Voice

The 54th Deadline: Regardless of failure or success, you learn. Life grants people so many chances to get it right. So I have begun one of my long-term ambitions for many years – to start YouTube stuff! I’ll be frank – I have been super insecure about this whole process from the beginning.  What if I can’t […]

The 54th Deadline: Method

“The method in which we approach something is vital for the final result.” A particular quote has been on my mind as of late… Sadly, this quote is quite applicable to me in a variety of ways. I am very stubborn when it comes to change. Old habits die hard for me. I am not someone […]

The 54th Deadline: Composure

“People who can keep their cool no matter what can persevere through anything.” As I have grown older, I have realized I have always lacked a lot of composure as a person. Composure is something I wish I had more of, in abundance, especially when life forced me into a corner and made me rethink everything. […]

The 54th Deadline: Pressure

The 54th Deadline: Life often forces some pressure your way to encourage immediate action. More than five years ago, I was a loser by all means. I never would admit to it back then, but one could call me that now and I wouldn’t get mad at them for it. That’s what I was. A […]

The 54th Deadline: Blur

The 54th Deadline: Time sure flies by fast. A lot quicker than a lot of people may realize. Poof. I feel like the gap between blog posts has grown gradually wider and wider, in a bad way, of course. At the end of the day, this blog does in fact remain very important to me. It’s […]

The 54th Deadline: Transitions

The 54th Deadline: Change is inevitable. I can accept this fact now with complete readiness. This is a peculiar thing to admit on so many levels, but I have accepted I am abnormally a late bloomer in many regards. Certain feelings and elements about myself, over the years, were essentially still in development. Or so […]

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