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Life has finally started to ease up on me in a variety of ways. My circumstances are starting to become more ideal, albeit gradually. I feel healthier, happier and I owe it all to the support from my friends to encourage my perseverance. But all of this comes with adjustments.

My Kind of Music – “Closer (English Dub)” by Joe Inoue

A fitting song for my situation and brighter outlook on life. All that is near us We must know Could disappear any day Be careful The main key to finding happiness Lies nowhere else but in my soul

Crossroads in a Writer’s Life

I’ve found myself sort of perplexed as to which path I want to end up at, as far as being a writer goes. For a long time, I’ve told others that my main writing talents lie in the technical side of things: spelling, grammar, simplicity and whatnot. However, when I first began writing “The Coug,” […]

To Play the Blame Game

I pity myself. For far too long, I have resorted to playing this blame game. When the going got tough, I kept trying to find people/things to blame for my troubles. It brought temporary relief to point fingers, but ultimately I was just making excuses, as usual. I was making excuses for the world apparently […]

Modern Day Journalism

Let’s face it – journalism isn’t appreciated that much these days. Journalism has been a struggling industry for a while now, in fact. The need for journalism has shifted, and this has caused the industry to fire journalists (both young and old) left and right because newspapers and companies cannot afford to keep them. It’s […]

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