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Not Lost in Translation

Everyone has as at least one particular “hobby” that can be a bit peculiar/different. For me, a random thing I really like to do is find the English versions of anime openings and endings, whether they are professional or fandub caliber. I find it interesting to see if someone can translate a Japanese-based song into […]

Universal Storytelling

I watch a lot of random music videos in attempt to draw inspiration and to learn cinematography angles, which Japanese music videos in particular usually have excellent symbolism and beautiful camera shots in their videos. This music video is performed byย ไนๅทž็”ท feat. HOME MADE ๅฎถๆ— (Kusuo featuring Home Made Kazoku). The song is called ใ€Ž็ด„ๆŸใ€‚ใ€‚ใ€ […]

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