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Random Kanji Knowledge: Kizuna

Random Kanji Knowledge time! Today’s kanji is 絆, which is read as kizuna (key-zoo-na). 絆 means “bonds” (as in bonds that are emotional, relationship-driven and otherwise.) 絆 is a word you hear the Japanese say a lot. It’s important to talk about the “bonds” you have with others and what it means


Nhan-Fiction Note: At first, I did not care much for Yahari Ore no Seishun Love Come wa Machigatteiru, but the series has gotten a lot more enjoyable after a few episodes. English Translation In this room filled with light, I’ll be waiting for you If you’d realize you’re floating and gazing upon


—————————————————————— “Setsubou no Freesia”  (The Freesias of Desire) by DaizyStripper. Special thanks to Marc Straight for taking the time to create a karaoke version in the middle of his busy schedule (by using tricky methods, no less). And of course, credit to Imoristar for her excellent vocals. This was a