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Card Me

I love card games. Card games can be extremely fun for me. I often use a lot of card analogies (e.g. not playing with a full deck) because I like how cards can represent the trials we go through in life. The combination of chance, carefully analyzing a scenario and then making moves based on your […]

Leap of Faith

For a lot of things in life, there is no turning back once you commit to an action. After an initial leap of faith, what else can you feasibly do but see what happens next? Do you free fall toward your demise or do you finally get to somewhere that for too long you thought […]


So the e-painting above was done by Tania Mae. I am truly grateful for individuals like her who go out of their way to complete projects like this, and out of the kindness of their hearts as well. Honestly, who can say they have had an e-painting done for them before?

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