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[Yandere CD] Nana and Nono【English Fandub】Part 2

Please subscribe to Imoristar and Devin’s YouTube Channels. They are both ☆s! ———————————————- Nono: You’re a really slow runner, Onii-chan! If you keep that up, we’re going to get you. Nana: (Giggle). Even I could keep up with you! It’s really no fun if you make this easy for us. Nono: (Laugh). Come on. Be a little more enthusiastic. If not … TAKE THAT! Oh […]

Card Me: Sleep & Ætherize

When I first got into Magic: the Gathering awhile back, Sleep has always found its way into a deck slot at some point. —————————————————————————————————————————————————– Converted Mana Cost: 4 Types: Sorcery Card Text: Tap all creatures target player controls. Those creatures don’t untap during that player’s next untap step. Flavor Text: “I give them dreams so wondrous that they hesitate to […]

Happy Haiku: Patience

Nhan-Fiction Note: Hi there. As part of my attempt at making this blog function with more consistency, I will be designating certain days of the week with “scheduled” topics and specific themes. For instance, Sunday just happened to be the day I was writing Random Kanji Knowledge posts, so I will make the kanji topics Sunday’s main […]

Fluttery Part 4

More finishing touches have been completed for Sylphie, the Butterfly Faerie, a custom champ idea in the works for “League of Legends.” This wonderful piece of art shown above was drawn by k1lleet, who was also the artist who put together the mummy skin idea for Kiya.  Hextech Sylphie has a nice ring to it, don’t you […]

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