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Random Kanji Knowledge: Sotsugyou

Random Kanji Knowledge time! This past weekend, I went down to a wonderful place called Pullman to attend my younger brother’s college graduation at Washington State University, which is my alma mater as well (if it is not obvious already, the cougar is my favorite animal in the world). It is thus fitting

College Newsroom Nostalgia

So my alma mater, Washington State University, is having its annual elections for the school’s student government. By default, I am going to be rooting for the above candidates to win because Kyle Erdman is a fellow alumnus from my old high school, John R. Rogers. (Go Pirates!) So this

Heroes & Villains

There are days where I wonder why certain “bad thoughts” still race through my mind, causing me to think about how good or bad I really am as a person. I like to think that I am a kindhearted soul who wants to help others, but there are definitely moments

End of the Wulff Pack?

Paul Wulff, it’s time for you to go. When Wulff replaced Bill Doba a few years back as head coach of the Washington State University football program, everyone was excited for the changing of the guard, the reunion of a former WSU alumnus and player to coach the biggest sport