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Happy Haiku: Within the Soul

————————————————————————————————————– Happy Haiku: I try to dabble in writing haiku poems in Japanese. ————————————————————————————————————– Happy Haiku! Haiku 自信から 魂の中 最高よ

Fluttery Part 6

Special thanks to k1lleet for drawing an alternate pose for Hextech Sylphie. Check out Sylphie, the Butterfly Faerie, a custom champ idea for “League of Legends.” Her full concept is posted on LoL Wiki, complete with original artwork, a full voice set and other cool elements.

Purr-fect Part 17

Wow, just wow! Many thanks to ~LittleDarkDragon for drawing this comic of Kiya. This comic uses the older design of Kiya, but I still really like how creative the final piece turned out. Also, Warwick as a newscaster?! Whodathunkit? Kiya, the Fervor of the Sands is an elaborate, custom champion for “League of Legends.”

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