Serious Business

Serious Business

I want to proceed even further with my efforts to take back my life with full force. To do this, I have already begun simple steps to get the ball rolling.

For one thing, I requested to have my hours at my part-time job consolidated to fewer days during the week with larger shift loads. This way, I have more off days to pursue my other interests.

I have prioritized particular goals for the next upcoming months:

– I want to improve as a gamer.
– I need to look into purchasing a better gaming computer for a reasonable price.
– I want to finish more game-related projects.
– I want to begin making YouTube videos.
– I want to get my comic book concept off the ground.

In regards to the comic book, I have realized that I need to try even harder to find the right personnel to get the concept put together. I need to try meeting the right people at my local comic book shops, like the one below, because a lot of my other search tactics have not worked out very well.

Ultimately, I cannot give up in my endeavors or my dreams will never come true.

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  1. I’ve always wanted to make YouTube videos, too! Actually, I did make videos during my last two years of high school, but I took them down because I felt like it wasn’t my territory–comedy and skits, that is. I’m thinking of starting again, but I’m not quite sure where to start. Good luck with your goals!

  2. Becoming a better gamer is your first priority? Not finding a career? That makes money? Instead of playing with random retards on the internet? -_-a

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