My Recipe for Success: Plan of Attack

My Recipe for Success: Plan of Attack

My Recipe for Success:¬†Everyone is different from one another. Therefore, everyone’s recipe for success is different.

I need to get some organization in my life – I need a plan of attack from here on out to have some foundation. No more doing things on a whim 100 percent. No more half-hearted thoughts with little to no execution. It is too inefficient, grossly dysfunctional. Above all else, it means I never make enough progress that I would like. This, in turn, keeps me behind the curve. I can never advance forward if I keep trying to wing it all of the time.

For this particular step in the recipe for success, I need structure. Structure creates rhyme and reason. I need less chaos. All of these unpredictable elements in the equation equates to inconsistent results. This inconsistency is killing me. Ever so slowly to boot.

The end result will thank me. I can correct this if I approach this with the right attitude and determination.

To take my life to the next level, I need to combine everything I have learned over the years into a collective, cohesive package. All of these individual lessons don’t mean jack if I do not apply every tidbit of knowledge.

Plans with Purpose

Strategy is one of my favorite words in all existence. The mere thought of devising some kind of tactic, some kind of gameplan is always fun and interesting to me.

How one goes about it is where the intrigue lies for me – in game or life. It doesn’t matter.

The strategy is important. It affects the chances of success, after all. If I want to win and finally get past my personal hangups, I must adjust and adjust my recipe for success. Again.

Back to the drawing board.

More structure, less randomness. An actual foundation!

So unfocused…

Not anymore.

This plan of attack WILL work, as long as I don’t give up.

“Hope is my catalyst.” – Nhan Pham


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