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Random Kanji Knowledge: Yuuki

Time for more Random Kanji Knowledge!

Today’s kanji is 勇気 (pronounced yuu-key — be sure to stretch out the u sound a bit, otherwise you can be saying 雪 yuki for snow).

勇気 means courage in Japanese. It is a kanji compound comprised of two symbols.

勇 refers to bravery/heroism. You can find this kanji in words like 勇者 (yuusha) for a brave person/hero.

気, on the other hand, refers to spirit/mind/mood/feelings. You see this symbol in words like 元気 (genki) for health.

In fact, one of the first things they teach you in basic Japanese classes is to ask someone if they are 元気.

元気ですか? (Genki desu ka?) This expression is simply, “Are you well?/How are you?”

Anyway, 勇気 is thus a combination of “brave spirit,” so to speak. Pretty nifty, eh?

To write out 勇気, the stroke orders are shown below for each symbol.

Kanji drawing map

So with the enough 勇気, just about anything is possible!

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