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Johnny Style

Recently, I’ve been stuck in a mental slump of sorts where I’ve been finding it challenging to do things at my very best. Some examples include how writing my comic book’s story has been increasingly difficult, my other writing projects have been left on the back burner for quite a while and I had to grind through lots of separate losing streaks in “League of Legends.” At first, I attributed this to some sort of exhaustion, but now I believe it’s because I wasn’t doing things in my own way.

My main way of thinking is linked to my gamer type – the Johnny archetype. Simply put, Johnny people prefer doing things in their own manner. The key is, Johnny players may disregard optimal decisions for the sake of individuality/creativity. For instance, a Johnny person may do something a tad slower than someone else if the “main” method doesn’t suit them.

This is truly an unusual archetype to a lot of people. Why would someone even consider going against efficiency? Why does a Johnny have to do things outside of the box?

Well, it goes to show that everyone isn’t alike. Some people prefer doing things by the book, while others like myself strive to deviate from the main path whenever possible.

I am a firm believer in the notion of equifinality (thank you, comm school!), and how this concept is linked to everything in life. Basically, equifinality is the idea that a specific end state can be reached in many potential ways.

Let’s begin with a simple example of equifinality in action.

There are two floors in a building. A person wants to get up to the second floor. To get up to the second floor is the desired end state. Then let’s say there are two separate stairways that both lead to the same floor upstairs. Regardless of which stairway is used, the person will still achieve the desired end state. So then the question becomes – which stairway will the person use to reach the second floor?

So getting up to the second floor may be the main objective in this example, but you now have to consider what each decision involves. Now, using any one of these two flights of stairs will take you to the same end result, but what will each decision respectively entail and will it be worth the effort/trouble? 

Perhaps one stairway has a mean dog waiting for you at the foot of the steps, and this discourages the person from wanting to use this particular flight of stairs. However, the other flight of stairs may have a million deadly spiders crawling around, and let’s say the person is arachnophobic. OK, these are really far-fetched conditions. Obviously, the flight of stairs may be perfectly safe to use.

The point is, this is what life consists of – a series of decisions that attempt to reach a given end state.
So … what is the end state I want to reach? Simply put, I just want to be a very productive person in general. I want to be able to blast out my various projects in a quick manner while still maintaining a high standard of quality. In addition, other ambitions like becoming a stronger LoL player are on the agenda as well.

It’s time I do things my own way again. It’s my prerogative. It’s Johnny style.

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