Everyday NhanSense – Under Construction

Everyday NhanSense – Under Construction

Everyday NhanSense: Important note.——————————————————————————————————————————————–
To my dear readers:

Do not fret. I have not disappeared. I obviously haven’t died or anything.

For the past few days, I do apologize for being completely late with the daily(ish) blog posts I have been trying to churn out each day, but alas I was very late with them. Quite frankly, I will admit that I was writing some pretty halfhearted blog posts, at least when I am just skimming through the past few weeks.

With this in mind, I am not pulling the plug on this blog or anything like that. After all, this blog is like my “pulse.” It reflects a lot about how I have been feeling, whether good or bad. I will never stop blogging on this blog. It’s been my ongoing, oh-so-important project I have been maintaining for a long while now.

I am someone who has had a lot of misfortune in the past few years, with a lot of time spent just learning a lot about myself and all while going through the worst effects of depression and whatnot. But I survived. And this blog is a testament to me persevering just enough to keep going another day.

So what are my plans with this blog? Well, I just think it’s time I change my approach with my blogging patterns.

Don’t get me wrong.

The daily blog thing was actually quite enjoyable. On certain days, it was very therapeutic just to vent out my feelings like my online, personal diary. On the other hand, I can also say for certain days I was a running short on content that was worthwhile to comment or talk about, and so I found myself rambling. And more often than not, at least to me anyway, I probably repeated myself a couple times here and there.

And I don’t like this.

Years ago, I wanted to be a journalist. And to be a proper journalist, you have to elevate your own writing ability to an acceptable level. I do believe I am a decent-and-up writer in my own ways. It’s been tough trying to have the same ideal passion I had for writing when I have been forced to switch gears at certain crossroads in my life.

But I have to keep trying. I wanted to maintain some semblance of writing prowess. I will not let my writing abilities “go to waste,” as some would say.

Therefore, in the next few days or so, I think it’s ample time I readjust this blog’s setup. I may in fact end up writing each day again. I may also end up writing fewer times each week with attempts at making these blog posts be more substantial. Quality over quantity, right?

I just think when everything is said and done, when I have finally sort out this blogging rut I have fallen into, I think all of this stuff will turn out for the best.

Once again, to my dear readers:

You’re all awesome. Thank you for reading my blog posts. It really does mean a lot.

“Get good. Be better.” – Nhan Fiction


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