Creating My Own Opportunity

To continue toward the kind of future that I want for myself, I plan to take my special side project to the next stage. It’s out of the ordinary for someone like me to create a superhero concept on a whim, especially in this day and age where Marvel and DC Comics reign supreme. However, I believe I can find success by first targeting a niche market and then expanding from there. After doing some research, I found some professional comic book scripts that I tried to emulate. I ended up modifying the script format to something that fits with my writing style.

A lot of friends have been helping me through the feedback and editing process as I try to iron out the kinks for this creative piece. As a technical writer, this is a different ballgame in a variety of ways, but I am gradually getting the hang of it. I have already written a bunch of scripts for the concept.

My Current Goals for the Project
– Raise money so I can afford to hire an artist to make my concept into a real comic book/web comic.
– Get the appropriate OKs from the right places to protect my work.
– Continue writing more scripts.
– Improve my creative writing skills.

I have a lot of work to do before I can expect to see this dream become a reality, but I intend to see it through until the end.

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