Catgirls Turned Me into an Anti-SJW

Catgirls Turned Me into an Anti-SJW

There was once a point where I considered myself a social justice warrior, but now I am an anti-SJW. Being a social justice warrior was an unpleasant phase the more I think about it. I recall those college years where I learned about the random concepts that are so (widely) understood these days, or so people think. Racism. Bigotry. White privilege. The works. I could tell you everything you would want to know about how to be a social justice warrior back then. That was years ago when I was like that.

But something random occurred to change my viewpoint forever. As an avid anime watcher at the time, I was watching an episode of Asobi ni Iku yo! (Cat Planet Cuties) with my friend. During this episode, a character said something so profound, as if the words themselves just smashed the social justice mask I wore for so long. Seeing that episode changed my life from that point onward, and now I call myself anti-SJW because of this anime.

Social Justice Means Being Offended Nonstop

Honestly, I am more than glad I am not a social justice warrior these days. The portrayal of them as overly sensitive, entitled and just mean (overgrown) kids is entirely accurate. Unfortunately. You spend your life just looking for things to complain about, and to make a million mountains of every supposed molehill is counterproductive.

“You have beautiful hair.” Clearly a microaggression.

A picture depicts a white person on the left first before the person of color. Racism.

I don’t see a woman in the video. Must be sexism.

In short, it just never ends. If you keep thinking like this, you just find a reason to become offended. I do not know how I put up with this mindset for so long, let alone call myself a social justice warrior for that extended period until I saw the truth.

I do not want the world to become a liberal college campus. I do not want everyone to find fault with every single thing out there, and just so you can pick it apart to be snobby from your moral high ground. The political correctness gets out of hand. The notion of tossing around every Tumblr buzzword like it is a contest needs to halt.

Catgirls made me into an anti-SJW for a reason. Perhaps it was fate that I stand on this side of the sand.

“Hope is my catalyst.” – Nhan Pham

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