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Life has finally started to ease up on me in a variety of ways. My circumstances are starting to become more ideal, albeit gradually. I feel healthier, happier and I owe it all to the support from my friends to encourage my perseverance. But all of this comes with adjustments.

After being down in the dumps for so long, getting back up and just resuming life like nothing bad happened is seemingly difficult to do. It’s another transition point for me, but I know I am heading into something that I won’t have to be ashamed of, finally.

I think the biggest thing here is trying to establish a consistent routine. With a standard routine, there comes a sense of stability and order compared to my previously erratic lifestyle. For instance, I am sleeping and waking up at roughly the same times now.

‘One victory at a time’ has been my mini-mantra for these previous months. I get what I can acquire and then try to be content with it. And while you’re still in recovery mode like me, every bit helps in the long run.

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  1. You don’t owe it to anyone but yourself!!!! I mean that. We are here for you, Nhannypoo.

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