The 54th Deadline: Value

The 54th Deadline: Regardless of failure or success, you learn. Life grants people so many chances to get it right.

“Try not to become a man of success, but rather try to become a man of value.” – Albert Einstein

I think it is important everyone believes in the “value” they bring to the table. Whether it is for an organization or daily life, appreciating yourself is crucial for one’s sanity and well-being. It just sucks that life makes you doubt yourself, forcing you to re-evaluate your abilities as an individual.

Like I always say, we are all good at something. The trick is figuring out what it is. Not everyone excels at every random task. This concept is a foolish notion. We all have different passions and interests, but not many of us get the privilege to express such things to others, let alone the world.

If there is something that would haunt me more than anything else, it’s the idea of not being able to share my potential in the grand scheme of things. This is something that would completely rip apart my soul. Totally asunder.

See Your Worth

If I sucked, I would have accepted it by now. Am I garbage? No! I would have already concluded that if it were the case. But that is the thing. I know there is more to me than meets the eye.

People always talk about selling yourself short, but I am not even putting myself on the market.

I have to change this fact. I must find reasons to act confident and put my best foot forward. I should not settle for mediocrity. I must strive for excellence.

I am valuable. Even if I have to tell myself this every day, someone has to. Otherwise, who will? Value – bring lots of it to the table for the world to see!

“Hope is my catalyst.” – Nhan Pham

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