The 54th Deadline: Toward Victory

At the end of the day, it’s safe to say most people want to be winners. Yeah, well, duh. It’s obvious we all would like to be part of the winner circle if only every other time.

Long ago, I was quite the fearful of winning, but let me explain. Basically, I was scared of the notion of having too much attention on me. In many ways, this was a dangerous mentality to have in terms of accomplishing things.

In other words, I was content with the notion of just being someone’s grunt. Someone’s support piece. Sure, in many video games, I was really happy being my teammates’ support, and perhaps I applied this notion too literally in real life.

However, I still am a big advocate of the notion of, “I play for the team.” Self-sacrifice is necessary for achieving things as a group. You have to give something to make it so others around you can do what they need to do: time, energy, passion, effort and so forth.

Naturally, you expect them to do the same for you. Then again, that’s the tricky part about it.

With some exceptions, I have to say that a lot of people didn’t really have my back – at least when some of the dust cleared anyway. With this in mind, I hate being just a prop, a mere springboard, for someone else to succeed without being thanked for my contribution.

But to those of who have appreciated my help and whatnot, I am very happy when I receive acknowledgment for my own efforts.

To me, this is how the world should work. The cycle needs to complete itself properly.

One day, I hope to pay back everyone who has stuck around by me – even just in the moral support spiel – in some capacity within my capabilities. Until then, I have to keep striving toward victory.

A Winner’s Mind

The biggest aspect here? I need to think like a winner before I can become one. Winners don’t just become winners. Many have to earn their stripes so to speak.

I can’t just expect things to fix themselves magically without effort on my part. I need to be better. I need to become better in any shape or form.

If I am not feeling exhausted, then that means I am not doing enough. If I am not mentally strained, then I am too lax.

Still, I can’t overexert either.

I have to pace myself. I just need to be more proactive and diligent.

Winners win because they want the victory more than the other person/group/life itself.

I am tired of being knocked away and being too afraid to fight for what I want.

Not anymore.

“Progress is perseverance.” – Nhan Pham

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