The 54th Deadline: Clutter

The 54th Deadline: Clutter

There are plenty of days where I wished my mind would stop hindering itself with its own mental clutter. By mental clutter, I refer to just having so many thoughts piling up. There are just too many things in the way. No rhyme or reason. So much stuff everywhere that it has become a real mess at this point.

Then again, it is how my mind has always worked. I lack focus. I concentrate sporadically. Everything is always scattered, unrefined and in constant flux.

However, to move forward in life, to get past all of the problems I have wanted to overcome in these past few years – I need to do some mental cleaning…

Start from scratch. Look for something to provide clarity. I cannot keep doing this. It has been eight years of inconsistent behavior. Hopes and dreams not being fulfilled. Self-disappointment at its worst.

But why? All because I cannot keep it together when I need to. And this is how everything unwinds.

I need to clean up this clutter… It’s now or never.

“Progress is perseverance.” – Nhan Pham

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