The 54th Deadline: Self-Value

As the more time passes, the more I realize that creating your own sense of “self-value” becomes more important. Sure, it would be nice if everyone could just be “successful.”

It is just a childish dream to think that everyone deserves nice things. Yeah, it’s just how it is.

It’s cruel, unfair and unpleasant for many people out there. For me, there was a point where I just wanted to be angry at the universe. I acted entitled, just thinking that the world owed me something.

News flash – it doesn’t. The rules of the game aren’t always balanced, but you can still learn to play by the rules and master the game itself. You have to bring value to the table as an individual.

Are you smart? Are you athletic? Are you gifted? Are you this or that? What is it?

What it is, ultimately, can be somewhat moot. I believe we all can do a lot if we just put our minds to it. For me, I am aware I am not making myself as valuable as I can be. At times, I just feel like I am lost in the shuffle. Replaceable. The anger I feel toward myself, sadly, has turned and twisted into a sense of resentment.

I know deep down I should be further along, but I am not taking the necessary risks. The moves that need to be made aren’t there yet. It has to come from within, and I need to SHINE.

Crowded Stage

Again, the world doesn’t owe you anything. You can think you’re the most talented person in the world. It all doesn’t matter if others don’t acknowledge or see that brilliance.

For me, as someone who has had his share of fear of the big stage, I need to take my insecurities and chuck them out the window. They hold me back. Destroys any hope. Lots of missed opportunities because I am paralyzed by inaction. This has to stop. It just has to…

I need to stand out. I always tease myself with glimmers of excellence. I prove to myself that I can do so much, but then I squander it. I still show these flashes. Like this past for dinner, I made this for myself.

I can cook. And when I really try, I can cook well. I also have a knack for food art. Things like this, though, just frustrate me because I need to be consistent about it.

These moments of “wow” need to be an everyday thing. I keep canceling them out by my own incompetence and insecurity.

I need to be valuable all of the time. I just can’t hide my shining moments like I am embarrassed about them – be bold, be daring and, more importantly, we all need to let our talents radiate!

I can be amazing. I can be spectacular. I can be whatever the heck I want to be if I just let myself.

Shine. Make sure everyone else can see you sparkle.

“Progress is perseverance.” – Nhan Pham

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