The 54th Deadline: Perspective

The 54th Deadline: Perspective

This past weekend, I traveled out to my former city for a mini-vacation of sorts. For two and a half years, that place was what I called home. During the time I lived there, I did not grow attached to the place or anything like that. If anything, I saw it as a place I happened to reside in and nothing more.

But there came a point where I had to move abruptly from it. Maturity-wise, I was not ready for such a change. However, I had no choice. I chose to do something drastic. When everything was said and done, I ended up moving to a new town. I left everything I had known for two and a half years behind just like that. I did not return until this past weekend – about two years after, give or take.

I needed a break from the town I have lived in for a while now. It ended up being the right move. The weekend went by in a flash. I had a lot of fun returning to that particular city.

I remember not thinking much of the city while I lived there as anything special. All of a sudden, I started to appreciate the place more with a different perspective as a visitor. It is not somewhere you would brag about going to or anything like that. Still, it evokes a certain charm.49d114a9-6605-4bac-bbd0-709c29acac0f

For two and a half years, it was my life to live there. It was my place of a personal “reboot.” I began again from the bottom. Without living there, I would have no ongoing story as we speak.

I just wanted the nostalgia. I saw my old place of work, the old house I used to live in and so forth. I saw a bunch of people I knew. It was a nice, simple trip.

I spent a lot of time walking around in this city, trying to figure it all out. I attempted to fathom where I have been and where I needed to go. Seeing the city right before my eyes again made me remember that I do believe in hope.

Though I am nowhere near my goals, I persevered because of determination. In the face of my personal adversity, I just try to tough it out.

Someday, everything will pay off. I cannot give up.

To retune my perspective on life helped me out. I have the right idea of where I need to head toward next – my hopes and dreams.

“Hope is my catalyst.” – Nhan Fiction Pham

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