The 54th Deadline: Inner Strength

Over the years, one common theme for me trying to bounce back in life is this constant sense of doubt. I kept thinking I didn’t have it in me to continue with what I had. That I wasn’t good enough.

That I didn’t deserve better.

However, true inner strength must be found from within – deep within your soul. You just can’t call upon it all of the time. You have to believe that it is there.

I am more than what I think of myself as, and I can be more than what others think of me. Let them talk. Let them doubt me. Let them perceive me as what they want to perceive. It’s all on the surface, anyway.

Most don’t know my inner struggles. Most couldn’t bother to care. They may not be the worst troubles in the world, but they have been challenging enough for me to keep me held back in place for so many years and counting…

The only way I can ever develop enough power to get to where I must be, the only way I can ever get through this ordeal and them some – I need to find my ultimate self.

Strength. From within. No tricks.

Confidence in Courage

You need to find the courage to see what is out there. You can’t play it too safe forever. At some point, you either go or you don’t. This or that. No in between. Victory or defeat.

Do you want to see greatness? Go for it. Don’t be scared of it. You are only as strong or weak as you allow yourself to be, but too many of us beat ourselves up.

We are our own worst enemies. We stifle our own abilities. Our own potential. Our own sense of worth. But to what end?

Why do we do this? We can do more than what we think, yet we just settle for mediocrity or worse…

No more.

Strength. Strength. And more strength! Go. Go! Go!!!

“Progress is perseverance.” – Nhan Pham

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