The 54th Deadline: Finding That Glimmer of Light

The 54th Deadline: Regardless of failure or success, you learn. Life grants people so many chances to get it right.

Whatever you are, be a good one.” – Abraham Lincoln

My mind at times is my worst enemy in the midst of life’s personal chaos. It conjures up those ill and toxic thoughts of despair. My sense of misery can occur in my darkest hour. As such, finding that glimmer of light becomes all but necessary.

I need to tell myself constantly that things will be OK. I need to reassure myself that I am just going through another phase, another trial. No matter what you want to call it. Everything requires follow-up.

This process, this journey, this challenging back-and-forth bout within the recesses of my mind – it is all so taxing.

Not a day goes by where I feel completely in control. This sucks. It does suck.

The Spec of Hope

I must always stay vigilant in looking for the random aspects in my life that help me cling back to hope. Whatever it is, I cannot isolate myself from the beneficial things keeping me sane.

In a way, you could say I “punish” myself so to speak. Therefore, I know I am not completely alone in this battle, but my mind makes me believe that everything is so dour. The barriers before me = ones I placed there myself. Mental or otherwise.

Look for that hope.

Keep the dream alive.

Stay on top of everything that could derail the path to greatness.

Ugh, it is so hard, but I know it will be worth it in the end if I play my cards right.

Every day, it does not get easier. I have to get better. I need to find that light!

“Hope is my catalyst.” – Nhan Pham

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