The 54th Deadline: Emotion Commotion

The 54th Deadline: Emotion Commotion

I need to get back into the blogging swing of things. Since considering to blog again, I wanted to set some kind of weekly schedule for the sake of consistency. I have done so before in the past. I wouldn’t really mind because it did keep me diligent with my blogging practices. I actually felt compelled to blog on a given day no matter how I felt. Maybe that is the secret.

But yeah, emotions have been a real issue for me as of late. I hate the cold weather so much. I am starting to think I get seasonal depression. I just do not feel the same when the weather is so crummy. I feel so much more motivated with the sun. Plus, one of my simple, but favorite, activities to do is just to walk around, listening to music and just thinking.

When it is unpleasant outside, I just do not feel like bothering to go out there. In addition, I get “sick” a lot, or it feels like that anyway. I have to be honest – there are plenty of days where I just want to hide under my blankets and pretend I do not have to put up with the cold weather outside.

Still, there is so much to do. This blog is just one of many things that need some attention.

Feeling It

Feelings are interesting. And something I keep telling myself recently is that “emotions get you in trouble.” Rightfully so, the wrong kind of emotions can spell bad news if you are not careful. Your state of mind is off, you say stupid things and, worst of all, you can act like a complete jerk when you do not mean it.

I hate using my emotions as an excuse whenever things get out of hand in my thoughts or situations. Like lately, I just have not felt “right” in so many regards. Without sounding too cryptic, I basically mean that something is wrong with how I feel about all kinds of things in my everyday life.

I just do not feel happy for all kinds of reasons. And because I am not completely happy, frustration forms. This all spirals out of control the more it builds up.

As a result, I try to counteract it as much as possible. I do random things like listen to motivational speeches every morning to help shape my mind.

But despite all of this, it never seems like it’s enough. I am missing something more essential to balance everything out. But at this rate, I just do not know how long I can keep this all up without my emotions overtaking everything.

Ugh, this emotion commotion gets me all of the time. They have caused me to stumble one too many times throughout the years. Will I finally learn my lesson and get over this new hurdle?

“Progress is perseverance.” – Nhan Pham

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