The 54th Deadline: Chump

At this point, I can admit it – I have been nothing but a huge chump throughout my life. Always following the rules. Still trying to stay in my lane. Always trying to play it safe.

But what does it get me? Where does it take me? Nowhere. I just feel so trapped at times.

Nothing ventured, right? If I do not show some kind of courage, some notion, even a smidge, of gumption…

Where else would I be? That’s the $1 million question that I have to solve.

Chump mentality versus a champ mentality. Champs go the extra mile. Chumps wait on the sidelines and watch.

Champs strive. Chumps survive (if that).

I need to break out of my mold. I need to become much better than what I have been putting forth. Otherwise, nothing changes.

Punished by the Rules

I used to think that order was my mantra in life. Be here by x amount of time. Do this or that. Everything will work out in the end.

Later on, I quickly realized how silly this can be when there are always people who are trying to get themselves further ahead in some shape or form. A connection to be made. A little sweet talk to curry more favor.

Me? Well, I just assumed “working hard” would be enough. Oh, what a fool I was and then some.

The naive notion that the world owes you a darn thing if you just follow a straight path with no deviation… Yeah, you’ll end up somewhere, all right. You’ll end up in a loser-ville.

No. Not anymore! I am sick of things being like this. I hate feeling like I have nowhere to go or nowhere to be.

I need to change things up. I must. I will! It’s not too late!

“Progress is perseverance.” – Nhan Pham

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