The 54th Deadline: To Begin Again

The 54th Deadline: To Begin Again

Hello there. It certainly has been awhile for this blog.

I wanted to take a break from blogging months ago. I intended it to be like a short break – maybe a few days or like two weeks tops. But, one thing after another, things started to slip. I just blogged rapidly for so long. I wrote so many haiku poems day in and day out. At first, I thought I was making a real dent in my problems.

Then again, maybe I was just fooling myself with the truth of the matter. In other words, I felt stuck in a rut. I have suffered through ruts before, but this one was different. I was optimistic about the future, and I was doing a lot of positive things to help curtail some of the negativity in my life. I was just blogging for the mere sake of it. There was no real rhyme or reason.

I claimed it was for “self-therapy,” yet therapy would imply that it was making a difference. Sure, it helped to blog a lot. After all, blogging was something that saved my life so many years ago. It felt good to have an outlet to let out some excess emotions. But to what end? That was the real issue at hand.

And so, I stopped blogging. It felt weird at first. I blogged so frequently prior to the break. I never stopped blogging once I took up the hobby years ago when I faced a lot of personal woes and just needed an escape. For me to go on for that long without blogging on a daily basis, let alone jotting up something once a week… It felt wrong, but I tried to rationalize it regardless.

From the Ground Up

But now it’s 2018. A new year. A fresh start. A real chance to get things back on track. I am so weary of just saying “this is the year” over and over again. Ad nauseum to the nth degree, right?

I want to snap this streak of mediocrity and really take my life to that next stage that I have desired for so long.

As 2018 rolled around the corner, I just concluded that I needed to get back into blogging again. I changed the theme of this blog to something overly simple on purpose for the time being. One aspect I want to improve upon is trying to divert my attention toward certain elements one step at a time. Later on, I will look into a more elaborate design, but I will keep things minimalistic until I get to that bridge.

Everything worthwhile will come in due time. I shouldn’t pressure myself for no reason. I just need to concentrate!

I need to complete the process. One step at a time. Baby steps.

I want to do this right.

Let’s see what 2018 will bring.

“Progress is perseverance.” – Nhan Pham

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