The 54th Deadline: Action over Words

The 54th Deadline: Action over Words

Talk is cheap. Actions have value.

This phrase is something I remind myself regularly. We get too caught up in saying things instead of just actually doing what comes out from our mouths.

After all, it is easy to exclaim the “right” thing.

I will exercise.

I will eat better.

I am going to meet more people.

The list of the “right” things to say might as well be infinite, but it just means nothing with no action attached. For years, I have been guilty of such false promises with myself.

I am going to start running. I am going to start cutting down on the junk food. I am going to be more of a social butterfly. And what would often happen?

I put things off. I cough up excuses. I rationalize, in my mind, why this or that will see another delay.

I will get around to it. I tell myself.

Tomorrow. The day after that. Next week. Next month. Next year.

Breaking the Mediocre Cycle

Therefore, it is no surprise why some of us never get where we need to be, why we fall short of our goals or why things just continue to remain the same.

Stagnant. Predictable. Uneventful.

But at one point, I stopped thinking about things. I started doing.

I started walking every morning. I eat a bit better. I eat and drink way less sugar throughout the week. I try to be a bit bolder in public with how I talk. Being super shy all of the time does not cut it when you are supposed to be an adult.

Something so darn simple, so straightforward, and yet many of us never pull that proverbial trigger in our minds for no reason. We see the target right before us, the goal to accomplish, the bullseye to aim at and we still don’t take our shot.

We just keep trying to imagine what it would be like if everything worked out. We fantasize about attaining glory. We embrace the idea of achieving newfound success.

However, these feel-good ideas are useless without some form of action. You cannot advance without taking a step forward. You will never grasp victory in your hands if you are too caught up in the dream instead of reality.

So remember.

Talk is cheap. Actions have value.

I became overly weary of hearing myself talk the big game. The time for talk is over. I need to win this game for real now.

“Hope is my catalyst.” – Nhan Pham

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