The 54th Deadline: Acquired Strength

The 54th Deadline: Acquired Strength

I have grown weary of feeling “weak.” As a result, I want to get stronger: mind, body and soul. To accomplish this, I must be willing to put in the work.

Many of us are not happy with ourselves for whatever reason. For me, there have been lots of self-esteem issues since growing up. I never thought I was “good enough” for a lot of things. This self-defeating attitude hinders and thwarts any means of progression. This kind of thinking creates a lot of bouts with doubt. I cannot live up to anyone’s standards, or so I thought.

To move forward toward the next stage, I have to break free from this kind of toxic thinking. Life cannot be appreciated when I am spending half of the time not liking my existence. As time goes on, I have learned to see the value I have as a person. There may be moments where I do not think so, but we must be our harshest critics.

Step by Step
Objectively, I am going to do subtle, but critical steps toward enhancing my lifestyle. Just yesterday, I have begun what I hope will be an everyday habit of going for a walk. A simple walk to ease my pain? Yup. Just going for a stroll around the neighborhood is gentle exercise and clears the mind of stupid stuff floating around at the moment.

Already, I feel a bit better. The more I commit to just this walk, I can gradually work my way toward more complex exercises. I do not necessarily need to end up as a gym rat a few months down the road, but being physically “healthy” would suffice as a bare minimum.

You Are What You Eat
Not to mention, light exercising will require some diet tweaks. I have always been awful at diets, but I need to eat somewhat better to make sure my exercising does not go to waste.

Ultimately, it will boil down to easy substitutions. For example, more tea and water in place of cans of soda or sugary drinks. I am a huge sweet tooth, so my palate naturally craves the sugar-packed stuff. But I digress. Overcoming my cravings will be a test on its own.

I do not plan on following any hardcore diet or anything of the sort. It will be more of a pseudo-diet. I still plan on indulging on treats here and there, particularly on the weekend. However, I do not want to go overboard.

Everything in moderation is always fine. There are too many misconceptions about dieting out there. If you eat a slice of cake once a week, that one slice of cake will not screw up your nutrition. If you were to eat three slices of cake a day, though, that is a different story.

Just being a bit more food conscious will add up over time. I just need to remain disciplined and not go nuts with the junk food.

Catching Z’s
Sleep is something I have neglected for a long time. We all need to rest, but I admit I have not slept well in general. I want this fact to change.

I am, no pun intended, getting tired of staying up late and waking up completely exhausted. I want to hit the hay at more consistent hours when I can help it. I need more structure in my life. Little tweaks to my nightly routine will go far in the long haul toward a healthier me.

As opposed to staying up until like 3 a.m. and waking up at 10 a.m., I can just sleep at around midnight or 1 a.m. and wake up earlier. It will mean more hours during the day where I am awake and active. 

Before this realization, I just let myself wake up super late in the day. It felt like I wasted hours before any given day began. Not to mention, I became irritable, sleepy and just unfocused.

It all starts with a good night’s sleep.

Strength in Time
The most important aspect about all of this and more? It will all take time. Lots of hard work and dedication. Plenty of periods where I will feel lazy and unmotivated to put in the effort.

Regardless how I feel, I just have to do it. For my own sake. For the good of my future. I want to stop feeling like I am falling apart from within on a daily basis.

I want to become a better me. 

“Hope is my catalyst.” – Nhan Fiction Pham

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