The 54th Deadline: Building Blocks

The 54th Deadline: Building Blocks

The 54th Deadline: Regardless of failure or success, you learn. Life grants people so many chances to get it right.

“Once you know the emotional building blocks of anxiety, you can influence them.” – Chip Conley

For a while, I have gathered lots of building blocks up to this point. What for and why? To create the “ultimate” me for the next stage. That’s the plan, anyway.

A block here. A block there. A block that embodies this particular skill. Another block that represents something else.

Individually, they may not mean much, but together – they can become something incredible in the end.

For me, I think I had a vision in mind coming out of college. But somewhere along the way, something happened.

In the middle of putting it all together, life just “broke” it – so to speak of course.

And I have just been trying to rebuild it for quite some time. But the thing is, a lot of deviations will have to take place. And this is OK. Half of the fun is trying to come up with something new and exciting.

We don’t always have to follow blueprints to a T.

Under Construction

I feel that most of the pieces are before me. More or less. I think I can do this.

No, scratch that – I know I can! It is a matter of if I will.

And to do so, I just need to remain confident. I can’t let discouragement stop me at this stage in the game. I will try to make this work. I have to see where the pieces go, and I have to improvise if I must.

Life does not always have an easy solution. You can totally BS it at parts. At the end of the day, using the building blocks that I have to my name is the key to winning.

Game on, life!

“Hope is my catalyst.” – Nhan Pham

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