The 54th Deadline: Balancing Act

The 54th Deadline: Balancing Act

The 54th Deadline: Regardless of failure or success, you learn. Life grants people so many chances to get it right.

“Your vision will become clear only when you can look into your own heart. Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes.” – Carl Jung

Balance in all things. Quite the balancing act. It is such a tricky thing to achieve. Good days. Bad days.

For me, I hate it when things fall into the latter. Of course, who even enjoys feeling sad?

I just become irritable. Everything gets to me. I am just overly sensitive to crap like that. Also, everything just takes a turn for the worse in this state.

Sometimes, there are moments where I wish I could just magically flip a switch and make myself feel better about my situation. My life would entail a lot of switch flipping then.

That’s the sad truth about it all. A lack of balance.

Deep Despair

Life is truly this balancing act. However, this balancing act is an unforgiving one. You fall too much into any extreme, and you become lopsided.

Experiences from both elements matter. They should matter. Everything helps shapes us in some way. But alas, life isn’t so easy for some people.

It certainly has not been easy for me.

I let stuff get to me. I let that stuff fester. It manifests into something that gradually consumes me.

I feel the fear of losing it creep up to me.

Worst of all, I become aware of it. And yet, I don’t do the appropriate actings to deal with it.

What kind of person am I?



I hate to say it. It is like I am admitting fault. Declaring something majorly wrong…

Something, right? No balance.

Where is my balance?

“Hope is my catalyst.” – Nhan Pham

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